Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to send my images?

The best way to send us images is to upload them to a private Dropbox folder we'll set up for you. If your internet connection prohibits you from sending files efficiently, please send us a portable hard drive.

In what format should my images be sent?

Since we're an Adobe Lightroom shop, the best format is a Lightroom catalog with Smart Previews. This allows us to make full edits to your images without sending us the large, original RAW files. If you're not familiar with Smart Previews, you can find out more here.

Can I use my own custom presets?

Of course!  If you have your own custom presets you've developed, please send them over. If you have presets you've purchased (VSCO, Mastin Labs, etc.), let us know and we'll purchase them to use on your files.