Three Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Loupedeck!

As a wedding photographer, you log many hours staring at your computer, perfecting the images of your clients’ special day. In Lightroom, this involves a dizzying array of keyboard commands and manipulating sliders with your mouse.

Enter Loupedeck!

Image courtesy of  Loupedeck .

Image courtesy of Loupedeck.

Loupedeck, the brainchild of a small group of entrepreneurs in Finland, has changed the relationship between photographers and Lightroom. It takes the tedious keyboard/mouse combinations and transforms it into a glorious world of customizable wheels, buttons and dials.

In this post, we’re going to discuss three reasons (although you may have more!) why you need to invest in a Loupedeck!

Increase Editing Speed

With Loupedeck, nearly every Lightroom control is at your fingertips. Common commands, like white balance, exposure and contrast, are all adjusted with dedicated dials. Even commands that you may not use regularly, like HSL, are controlled by a series of intuitive dials.

What does this all mean? It means you can fly through your edits! No more bouncing back and forth between your keyboard and mouse. Loupedeck does it all!

Realize Greater Editing Accuracy

I don’t know about you, but manipulating the Lightroom sliders with a mouse is not the exact science you would expect. The process is tedious, forcing you to gently inch your mouse one way or the other until the slider (hopefully) ends up at your desired value. Never mind the cramping in your hand from the tiny mouse movements!

With Loupedeck, adjusting sliders is done by rotating dedicated dials, which is infinitely more accurate. When you arrive at the desired slider value, just stop turning the dial! No more phantom values when you let go of the mouse! Furthermore, it’s infinitely more comfortable than manipulating the mouse.

Customize Your Workflow

Loupedeck features a host of dedicated dials for the most common Lightroom tasks. But the cherry on top is Loupedeck’s ability to be customized for YOUR most commonly used commands.

For example, there are eight customizable “P” buttons at the top of the unit. Using the Loupedeck Configuration software, these can be mapped to any preset in your arsenal. Instead of scrolling through your collection of presets and clicking it, applying a preset is as easy as pressing a button.

There are several other sets of dials and buttons that can be customized to nearly any command in Lightroom.

For more information on Loupedeck, visit their website!

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