Three Reasons Why it's Important to Have a "Base Look"

Having your own unique photographic style is important to your success.  It tells viewers how you see the world through the camera.  Similarly, giving your images your own signature "look", with a color palate that can be replicated across an entire collection of images, can be just as important for several reasons.


Simplifies post-production

As an event photographer, you probably don't charge separate fees for photo editing and post-production.  Instead, you probably charge a flat fee up front for all things related to the shoot.  This makes having an efficient post-production and editing workflow imperative.

Effecient Import

One of the most powerful features of Lightroom is its ability to apply a preset as the images are being imported.  When the import is done and previews have been rendered, the only things left to do are to cull the shoot and to put the finishing touches on the remaining images!  Adding this little trick into your workflow will drastically reduce your photo editing time!

Decisive Edits

When the majority of your images have a look that draws from the same color palate, picking out those special images to edit further is much easier, as you're not being bothered by applying different tones to every image. 

In the context of wedding photography, you can select a handful of bride/groom portraits to edit further, knowing that the rest of the images from the wedding will have a great, standardized look.


Ensures cohesive presentation to your client

When your client views the wedding photographs you've delivered, not only are they looking at individual images, but they're also looking at the entire collection as it's own entity.  When the collection features lots of images with different tones, the edit looks disjointed and haphazard.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.41.37 AM.png

When your set a standard look to your collection, the edit is tight and cohesive.  It tells your client that you care about the presentation and value their trust in you.

Reinforces your artistic identity

Developing your photographic style and artistic identity takes years, but over time it will resonate with current and future clients.  Having your images look a certain way, both through composition and color tone, reinforces your identity and branding, and makes people come back for more.