Five Reasons to Outsource Your Wedding Photo Editing!

The question of wether to outsource your images has become increasingly common in the wedding photography industry. Thousands of new photographers enter the industry every year, but far too many of them don’t survive beyond a few years due to burnout and poor business management.

Outsourcing your wedding photo editing can breathe new energy into your business and personal lives!

Check out these five reasons to outsource your wedding photography!

Focus on New Business

Unlike commercial photographers, who can bill additional fees for post-production and retouching, wedding photographers have to account for all that work in one, up-front fee.

As such, every minute you spend behind the computer editing wedding photos is a hit on your bottom line. It becomes a race to see how fast you can edit your images in order to maximize your profit.

Outsourcing your wedding photo editing can free you up to focus on things that bring in revenue, like taking on more shoots, curating your existing client base and networking with fellow vendors!

Market Yourself

As you're probably well aware, running your own photography business involves a whole lot of marketing. From social media and blog posts to networking with fellow vendors and event venues, it’s practically a full-time job in itself.

But none of this can be done while you're editing! With many thousands of images staring you in the face and clients asking for their pictures, that marketing will have to wait.

But when you outsource your wedding photo editing, all of a sudden you’ve to tons of free time to, get what, MARKET YOURSELF!

That venue you’ve been dying to photograph? Pay them a visit! Those vendors with whom you’ve been wanting to work? Give them a call!

Refine Your Craft

Like any endeavor, photography is a craft that must be constantly practiced and honed. Advances in technology make working on new techniques virtually free.

Plus, as an artist, stagnation can be death.

The practice necessary to stay relevant and motivated as a photographer can’t be done if you're stuck behind a computer editing wedding photos. Outsourcing your wedding photo editing will free up time for you to focus on evolving and improving as a photographer.

Increase Client Satisfaction

"When will our pictures be ready?"  

"You said three weeks but it's been five.  Where are my pictures?!"

Your clients want their photos yesterday.  But when you're backed up with edits from past shoots, it's can be difficult to meet deadlines you've communicated to your clients.  

When you outsource your wedding photo editing, you can rest easy knowing your images will be ready in a timely fashion.  You can start to reintroduce the phrase, "under-promise and over-deliver" into your vocabulary again! 

Spend Time With Family and Friends

Spending quality time with family and friends is paramount to a long, successful career as an entrepreneur.

But if you’re stuck behind the computer editing wedding photos… You get the idea.

So outsource your wedding photo editing! Your family and friends will thank you for it!